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Next Level Financial Featured in Article, “The Future Is Fractional. Here’s What It Means for You & Your Startup.”

Next Level Financial is featured in an article titled "The Future Is Fractional. Here’s What It Means for You & Your Startup." The article explores the trend of fractional leadership in startups for 2024. Hiring full-time executives can be costly, and fractional executives provide a cost-effective solution. They bring expertise to fill technical or business blind spots, enhancing a startup's executive presence. Next Level Financial, a fractional CFO firm based in Suwanee, Georgia, emphasizes bringing consistency to teams without getting bogged down in day-to-day processes. The article highlights various fractional leaders and their roles in Chief Marketing, Operations, Technology, and Financial Officers across the Southeast. It also discusses when startups might benefit from bringing in fractional C-Suite members, focusing on factors like internal bookkeeping, forecasting, and technical alignment with business goals. For more insights on fractional leadership and its impact on startups, read the full article:

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