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Making Financially Sound Hires: 5 Considerations for Your Business

Updated: Jan 16

For any business, every key hire counts, right? It’s not just about finding the right talent; it’s about ensuring that each addition to your team aligns with your financial objectives. From salary considerations to long-term investment, every decision impacts your bottom line. Here are some crucial financial considerations when bringing new talent aboard:

Cost of Acquisition vs. Long-Term Value

While hiring new talent incurs immediate costs, it’s essential to weigh this against their potential long-term value. Studies by Harvard Business Review indicate that the wrong hire can cost a company up to five times the individual’s annual salary in wasted resources.

Salary and Benefits Alignment

Offering competitive salaries and benefits is important for attracting top talent, but it's equally important to ensure that these expenses align with your financial strategy. Balance your financial capability with market rates to maintain competitiveness without overstretching resources.

Time-to-Productivity Ratio

Consider the time it takes for a new hire to become fully productive. According to a SHRM survey, it takes an average of 42 days to fill a position, and new employees take around 8-12 months to reach full productivity. Factor in training costs and lost productivity during the onboarding phase.

Impact on Revenue and Growth

A strategic hire should ideally contribute to revenue growth. Forbes reports that 82% of companies believe that improving talent acquisition is crucial for driving revenue growth. Assess the potential impact of the new hire on your business's growth trajectory.

Retention and Succession Planning

High turnover rates can significantly impact your finances. Investopedia notes that replacing an employee can cost anywhere from 50-200% of their salary. Think long-term by considering retention strategies and how this hire fits into your succession planning.

Special Feature: Next Level Financial co-founder James Williams, Jr., CFA shares his insights on considerations for making sound hires.

In navigating these financial considerations, Next Level Financial is here to assist. Our expertise in aligning financial decisions with business goals can streamline your hiring strategy. Contact us today for tailored financial guidance that ensures each key hire becomes a financial asset for your company’s growth.

Sources: Harvard Business Review, SHRM, Forbes, Investopedia

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