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Connecting Dots

Your Virtual CFO Partner for Next Level Profitability

We exist to empower business owners with CFO expertise for sustainable growth and success.

We provide a financial operating system for companies who need a CFO.

Are you bogged down in day-to-day and month-to-month tasks? Are you losing sight of the bigger picture? We provide financial leadership that is missing in your business. 

This could be your solution if: 


  You are a busy CEO or Founder

  Your current CFO is retiring, and you do not want to hire a new full-time CFO
  You want a Strategic Financial Advisor but can't afford a full-time CFO

  You have plans to grow, and you are not confident about finance
  You reached the $2-20M+ revenue range

What We Do



CFO Operating System

Dynamic Forecast

No more wild guessing about the future of your business. We use financial and non financial variables to prepare a monthly roadmap of what a business can expect to achieve in the short-term and long term. 

Financial Performance Review

No more decisions based on just your gut. We assess and analyze your company's financial health, profitability, efficiency, and overall fiscal standing. 

Cash Flow Maximization

No more sleepless nights about whether you will meet payroll or be able to pay other operational expenses. We assess the inflow and outflow of cash within the business, aiming to evaluate its liquidity and overall financial health. 

Pipeline Optimization

No more guessing about where your next client will come from or the outcome of losing a large deal. We analyze potential business opportunities in the pipeline and determine whether upcoming contracts will help achieve forecasted financial targets.

Starting at $2,000 / bi-weekly

For details, visit our services page.

Our work includes financial performance analysis, dynamic forecasting, cash flow analysis, strategic planning, and more.


Join the Leaders Working with Us

Our Partners

Next Level Financial and James Williams have provided phenomenal service and support to our business. His analysis has been informative and accurate; the reports have been timely; and actionable recommendations have helped us move our business forward.

C. Jeffrey Wright, CEO of UMI

Teri Zipper, CEO of Sapient Insights Group, shares her experience working with Next Level Financial.

​Bo Burdette, President and CEO of M Group, shares his experience working with Next Level Financial.

We turn financial guesswork into financial clarity.

Learn what Next Level Financial can do for you.

Connecting Dots

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